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    1. Café Seoul
      Join Aaron, Olivia, and friends as they take you around all the ins and outs of the hot issues, and hot tissues in Korea.

      On news of the weird with Eugene, our resident newsman brings up of the strange or funny news items that have been trending since we last saw him.

      Roboseyo joins us for on the pulse, where we discuss an issue that got a lot of discussion on the blogosphere, the twittersphere, or any other sphere there might be.

      Finally, Aaron and Olivia answer YOUR submitted questions about life in Korea. Wanna ask something? Give us a shout at cafeseoulpodcast@gmail.com

      What started off as a bi-weekly comedy podcast has now morphed into a talk show format that discusses issues and current events in Korea, while still keeping a tiny bit of comedic flair.

      In the days where we were a snl ripoff, there is a lot of background music in the podcast and most of it is provided by Dan-O at DanoSongs.com

      Released Wed, 09 Jan 2013 04:08:10
      News & Politics > News & Politics
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      2014 12 18 303 Star Wars/Star Trek Holiday Special
      A not so long long time ago in a country not so far far away... CAFÉ SEOUL It is a time of yule tide cheer. Five expats have come together under the shared love for all things nerdy to bring you a podcast episode that discusses the final frontier and the galaxy far far away. ***Special Guest Nerd - Dr. Michael Hurt*** -The Prequels Strike Back - We discuss what was good about the prequels, even though the consensus is that these are generally terrible. We also try to find things we hated about the original trilogy. -Where No Jedi has Gone Before- We pair each Star Wars character with his TNG counterpart and discuss which of the two we'd rather be. -The Wrath of Rob- Dr. Michael Hurt discusses why it is that Koreans don't seem to like Star Trek. Major props to non-nerd Olivia Lim for surviving through this one. Star Wars and Star Trek and all their characters and associated music used in this podcast is the property of their respective studio
      Released 15 hours ago, Duration : 01:15:29
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      2014 12 04 302 Blog Awards
      The Cafe Seoul Podcast has been nominated for Best Podcast in the Korea Blog Awards, hosted by KoreaObserver.com! Take some time to vote for us at http://www.koreaobserver.com/blogawards/podcast/ Just click the stars under that happy coffee drinker! News of the Weird w/Eugene -Man sets world record for GPS picture wedding proposal -Lists of 10 naughtiest boy and girl names found -Park Geun-hye addresses MAMA Awards On the Pulse w/Rob - A look back at the Korean Blogosphere in 2014 Special Thanks To: -Jen Lee of Dear Korea http://dearkoreacomic.com/ -Adam Carr of Chase the Dot https://adamrcarr.wordpress.com/ -Peter Daley of jmscult.com -The Boss of Wangjangnim http://wangjangnim.com/ -Paul Ajossi http://www.paulajosshi.com/ -Ms. Lee to Be of On Becoming a Good Korean (Feminist) Wife - http://msleetobe.wordpress.com/ Jhoon Rhee Self Defense The Legend of Zelda
      Released 09-Dec-2014 , Duration : 00:41:49
  • 24
      2014 10 30 301 One Flew Over The Magpie's Nest
      Holy Frijoles! Cafe Seoul has returned for another season! News of the Weird w/ Eugene -Dead snake kills chef -Koreans to go extinct by 2750 -Counter protesters protest hunger strike by staging eat-in Lightning Round -Japanese high school baseball game goes 50 innings -Girl goes on week long chicken binge over breakup -Consumer activists build raft from snack bags On the pulse w/Aaron Aaron interviewed the folks at Magpie Brewery!
      Released 09-Nov-2014 , Duration : 00:47:39
  • 23
      2014-08-19 212 Ebolamania
      A bar in the 'twon has posted a sign barring Africans from entry. We also say goodbye to Robin Williams Aaron is in Hawaii getting married, so he doesn't appear in this episode. News of the Weird - Producers of US TV shows go after Korean fansubbers - Monkey takes selfie, who owns the rights? - Gaga in hot water over Korean writing on clothing in Japan On the Pulse - Ebola
      Released 25-Aug-2014 , Duration : 00:56:15
  • 22
      2014 08 05 211 Tourism Slogans
      Imagine your Korea. Okay, I'm Korea... now what? Today we discuss tourism at length, and the slogans that countries use to promote tourism. News of the Weird -River runs red in China -Chinese toddler joins the mile high club, no not that one -Chinese invade Korean university campus On the Pulse Interview with Steve Miller from Asia News Weekly about tourism slogans Steve is a great guy and you can catch the Asia News Weekly podcast at http:http://asianewsweekly.net
      Released 06-Aug-2014 , Duration : 01:01:42
  • 21
      2014-07-15 210 Double Jeopardy
      This episode was released one week late because I've been busy. News of the Weird - Makeup company asks if you wanna be white - Ocean World wants you to experience a world class climax - North Korea to play Portugal in World Cup Final Double Jeopardy - Questions by Rob
      Released 21-Jul-2014 , Duration : 00:46:30
  • 20
      2014-07-08 209 Gender
      This episode is all about what it's like to live in Korea as a woman, and we have 2 dudes talking about it, LOL. News of the Weird /w Eugene -North Korea angry over planned Seth Rogen film -South Korean political circus -Man gets caught in a sculpture of a vaj On the Pulse w/ Olivia -Olivia interviewed her boss on what it's like to be a woman and a business owner in Korea.
      Released 10-Jul-2014 , Duration : 01:01:49
  • 19
      2014-06-24 208 Ole?
      Tired of hearing about the World Cup? Eugene isn't! And where is Aaron? News of the Weird: -R*dskins lose patent -Greece player gets jibberish tatoo -Korea and Japan lose their spit over Kono Statement Review On the Pulse: -Multicultural vs "normal" (일반) families as seen in an article sparks long conversation about words that inadvertently could hurt.
      Released 25-Jun-2014 , Duration : 01:20:41
  • 18
      2014-06-10 207 Hollaback
      2014-06-10 207 Hollaback Lots of stuff happened in the past two weeks so: News of the Weird w/Eugene -Brazilian man gets surgery to look Asian -Malaysian girl gets internet famous for a song about not being Korean -Korean conservatives protest at the U.S. embassy because America has exported "the gay" to Korea -Special "Lightning Round" of News of the Weird On the Pulse w/Rob Special interview with Chelle B. Mille of Hollaback Korea, discussing Hollaback and misquoting in the media
      Released 10-Jun-2014 , Duration : 01:03:28

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