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    1. Cafe Seoul Podcast
      What started off as a bi-weekly comedy podcast has now morphed into a talk show format that discusses issues and current events in Korea, while still keeping a tiny bit of comedic flair.

      Join Aaron, Olivia, and friends as they take you around all the ins and outs of the hot issues, and hot tissues in Korea.

      On news of the weird with Eugene, our resident newsman brings up of the strange or funny news items that have been trending since we last saw him.

      Roboseyo joins us for on the pulse, where we discuss an issue that got a lot of discussion on the blogosphere, the twittersphere, or any other sphere there might be.

      Finally, we go after the youth in Youth Movement, asking those darned college kids what they think about the issue Rob discussed.

      In the days where we were a snl ripoff, there is a lot of background music in the podcast and most of it is provided by Dan-O at DanoSongs.com

      Released Wed, 09 Jan 2013 04:08:10
      News & Politics > News & Politics
  • 21
      2014-07-15 210 Double Jeopardy
      This episode was released one week late because I've been busy. News of the Weird - Makeup company asks if you wanna be white - Ocean World wants you to experience a world class climax - North Korea to play Portugal in World Cup Final Double Jeopardy - Questions by Rob
      Released 4 days ago, Duration : 00:46:30
  • 20
      2014-07-08 209 Gender
      This episode is all about what it's like to live in Korea as a woman, and we have 2 dudes talking about it, LOL. News of the Weird /w Eugene -North Korea angry over planned Seth Rogen film -South Korean political circus -Man gets caught in a sculpture of a vaj On the Pulse w/ Olivia -Olivia interviewed her boss on what it's like to be a woman and a business owner in Korea.
      Released 10-Jul-2014 , Duration : 01:01:49
  • 19
      2014-06-24 208 Ole?
      Tired of hearing about the World Cup? Eugene isn't! And where is Aaron? News of the Weird: -R*dskins lose patent -Greece player gets jibberish tatoo -Korea and Japan lose their spit over Kono Statement Review On the Pulse: -Multicultural vs "normal" (일반) families as seen in an article sparks long conversation about words that inadvertently could hurt.
      Released 25-Jun-2014 , Duration : 01:20:41
  • 18
      2014-06-10 207 Hollaback
      2014-06-10 207 Hollaback Lots of stuff happened in the past two weeks so: News of the Weird w/Eugene -Brazilian man gets surgery to look Asian -Malaysian girl gets internet famous for a song about not being Korean -Korean conservatives protest at the U.S. embassy because America has exported "the gay" to Korea -Special "Lightning Round" of News of the Weird On the Pulse w/Rob Special interview with Chelle B. Mille of Hollaback Korea, discussing Hollaback and misquoting in the media
      Released 10-Jun-2014 , Duration : 01:03:28
  • 17
      2014-05-27 206 Fashion
      Are you dapper? Are you fly? Are we so old that we don't know what the slang for looking good is anymore? Enjoy this fashion episode! -News of the Weird w/ Eugene - Darth Vader Plays Baseball in Japan North Korea Calls South Korea a Dictatorship KTO Taps Naver To Help Foreeegn Tourists On The Pulse: Special Interview w/Mike Hurt Discussing Street Fashion Photography Heart of Korea Whispers Into Your Soul! w/ Kip and Jane
      Released 27-May-2014 , Duration : 00:54:15
  • 16
      205 Supplemental: Full Unedited Interview With John Power
      The Press Freedom interview with John Power from episode 5 season 2 in its entirety.
      Released 19-May-2014 , Duration : 00:28:33
  • 15
      2014-05-13 205 Return of the Kimchi, Press Freedom
      Kimchi Kim is BACK! News of the Weird w/Eugene -Star Wars Cast Announced -Triangle Face Plastic Surgery -River Shark Attack On the Pulse w/Rob -Discussing press freedom with special guest John Power
      Released 14-May-2014 , Duration : 00:48:04
  • 14
      2014-04-29 204 Jeopardy
      In this episode we play Cafe Seoul Jeopardy! News of the Weird with Eugene! -Kid stows away on plane to Hawaii -Crayon Pop song banned for Japanese lyric -Fox News uses stock footage of random Asians who aren't Korean as stand-ins for Sewol victims' families
      Released 29-Apr-2014 , Duration : 00:46:21
  • 13
      2014 04 22 203 The Sewol Tragedy
      There's a bit of a solemn twinge to this episode, as we discuss everything that we've been feeling, thinking, about the horrible Sewol tragedy. No comedy this time, but we couldn't just pretend it didn't happen, and it's not the time for laughing and jokes.
      Released 23-Apr-2014 , Duration : 00:49:21

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